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5 Hove Manor, Hove Street. BN3 2DF Call 01273 730850
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The ultimate dining experience
Wolffish, Scampi & Chips
in cool blonde batter and tatare sauce
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" Wolffish, a fantastic alternative sustainable fish at Coriander"

  Lots of new things happening over the next few weeks in the restaurant and deli, so pop back and check out what's going on. Need to email us? then click here  

"Coriander, where passion meets food"

  How to explain our menu's  
  We know it's a bit unusual, but there again we never claimed to be traditional. Our menus are based on a daily system, simply choose the day that you want to eat with us and you can see exactly what we offer at the time you require. To see more choose menus at the top.  

"So when are you coming down for some Ostrich ? "

Fish platter starters
  Seared Ostrich loin fillet with chilli and ginger rub, sweet and sour dip   Norwegian Fish Soup with King Crab, Langoustine's & Oysters   Vanilla Ice Cream, Fig, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, EVO & Sea Salt  
  Served with a glass of Michel Torino Torrontes  (Argentina)   Served with a glass of Dinari del Duca Grillo 2009  (Sicily)   Coffee or Tea with hand-made Honey & Walnut Chocolates  
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